View Their Entire Photo and Video Gallery

Photo & Video Viewer

There is no photo or video on their phone that will be hidden from you.

Spyzie even shows you the pictures and videos that they have deleted.

  • View all their selfies and other captured images
  • Look at any picture or video they download on their phone.
  • Access any screenshots that they have taken on their device.
  • View the timestamps and geotags of every picture and video.

3 Simple Steps to Spy on Gallery

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Register for Spyzie account with your email address.

Configure Spyzie

Spyzie's auto setup wizard will guide you through the configuration process.

Start Browsing Their Media

Get access to your dashboard and view all their photos and videos.

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Single Spot to Browse All Media

With Spyzie, you can look at any picture and video of the user without having to worry about them knowing. Spyzie's hidden gallery monitor just needs to be configured once, that too by spending 3-5 minutes. After that, it can run from any device instantly.

After the first time configuration, browsing through the device's gallery is a piece of cake through Spyzie's dashboard. The Picture viewer is present under the 'Photos' tab on the left hand side. The Video viewer is present under the 'Video Preview' tab.

With every photo, you can see all the details that are available for the picture. This includes the date and time of the picture, the album name, the location where the picture was taken, and any other data.

All of this information is available for the videos as well. Additionally, there are thumbnails for every video that can give you a preview about the video's content.

Pictures Can Show All Their Secrets

If your child is sharing or receiving any inappropriate pictures or videos, you can learn about it by using Spyzie. There is always news about sexual exploitation on the internet. Spyzie makes sure that you can protect your loved ones easily from any such unwanted scenario.

Children are easy to exploit because of their innocence and vulnerability. Therefore, they need their parents to protect them from everything harmful. This is why countless parents use Spyzie everyday for maintaining the best interests of their children.

Even employers make use of Spyzie's Gallery monitor to protect the company's interests. If the employees are taking pictures of a company's secret assets, they might be sharing them with competitors. Spyzie helps employers in catching these disloyal employees and firing them before it is too late.

If you want to view someone's Gallery without them knowing, there is nothing better than Spyzie. Try Spyzie today and explore all its benefits!

Monitor Gallery Without Root or Jailbreak

Spyzie lets you monitor each and every file on their phone, that too without asking you to root or jailbreak their phone. Even Spyzie's stealth mode works without the root/jailbreak requirement, which is all the more reason to use Spyzie.

Secret Way to Spy on Someone's Gallery

When you are using Spyzie, there is no chance that you will get caught spying on their gallery. This is because of Spyzie's special design. Spyzie can spy on an iPhone without even touching it. For Android phones, Spyzie has created a special spy app that remains hidden at all times when installed on their phone.

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