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The Secret Phone Recording Application

Spyzie lets you record all the incoming and outgoing calls if you want a deeper insight into what they are talking about.

The recording feature is not just limited to phone calls; Spyzie even lets you look at their private messages, WhatsApp chats, locations, and more.

  • Listen to every phone call in real time, record them for later as well.
  • Viewing and recording call logs is as easy as turning on a switch, through Spyzie's dashboard.
  • While you listen to someone's phone call, they have no idea about it because of Spyzie's stealth..
  • Even the most advanced features work well without asking you to root the target phone.

Monitor Phone Calls in 3 Easy Steps

Sign Up

Create a Spyzie account with your email as the username.

Configure Spyzie

Download Spyzie on target phone (for Android) or verify the target iCloud credentials (for iOS).

Start Monitoring Calls

Get access to your Spyzie dashboard and view their call logs.

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The Easiest Way to Track Phone Calls

Spyzie's dashboard is a single place that combines all of its features. To use the Phone Call Monitor, click on the 'Calls' tab in the dashboard. It will show you all the data organized properly.

Spyzie even analyzes the data and you can view call results on the basis of most frequently called people. Details like call timestamps and caller ID provide more information about the calls.

Sorting through Call Logs

You have the freedom to view the call logs in any order you wish, such as sort by date, number, name, time, and a few other parameters.

The importance of call monitoring is so obvious that it needs not be stated. There are several predators on the internet looking to take advantage of your child. Use phone call monitoring to find out if your child is talking to someone suspicious. Flag any numbers you think are dubious.

view call logs
  • Phone call monitoring can be important for assessing employees as well. Check the call logs of the employees to find out if they are slacking off or talking to competitors behind your back. Record calls to know what they are talking about your company.
  • Use Spyzie's phone call monitor and track your child's and employee's phone calls in a hassle free way. Spyzie is designed for simplicity, so you won't have any trouble using it.
  • The best part is that Spyzie does not leave anything to chance. If you are using Spyzie, there is no way that the target user will find out about it. Therefore, use Spyzie without any doubts at all.

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