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Spyzie shows you the accurate location of a device through phone, tablet, or a computer.

Spyzie is a full-fledged location tracker and monitor:

  • Track their GPS location with exact coordinates.
  • Learn about all the address and localities they visit.
  • Various views, such as 3D street view, offer more location viewing choices.

3 Simple Steps to Track a Phone Location

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Track cell phone location

Get Wi-Fi or GPS data in real time off of a device.

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Spyzie Offers the Best Location Tracking Service

While there are many apps to track a cell phone location, there is no app as good as Spyzie. This is because Spyzie can track a phone location in secret, without the target user knowing about it. Additionally, Spyzie's location monitor comes with a lot of other features to improve functionality.

In order to use Spyzie's location monitor, you can open Spyzie's dashboard and click on the 'Locations' tab. All of Spyzie's location tracking features are available here.

Spyzie's location tracker has integrations with the Google Maps. As you might know, Google Maps stores all the location history of a user. Through Spyzie, you can view all of this location history on your screen.

The location history comes with the coordinates of every past location. You can also sort through these locations based on most recently visited, closest location, and many other filters.

Find Out Their Location Timeline

Spyzie has come to the rescue of many parents by answering to their needs. Parents often worried when their children got late from school or when they were spending too much time away from home. Now Spyzie lets you view all the places where your child has been in the past.

Children are prone to lie to their parents when they have been out partying or spending time with friends they shouldn't hang out with. Spyzie's hidden location tracker is of even more importance in these conditions as it can tell the parents if their kid lied to them, along with proof.

Spyzie's location tracker is not only used to protect the family, but also by employers as well. Employers use it to make sure that their employees are actually on the work at hand, whether it is on the field or at the office. If an employee is sneaking out during work hours or not doing field work effectively, employers can find out about it using Spyzie.

An added benefit of Spyzie comes in the form of tracking a lost phone or stolen phone. Spyzie always keeps the track of a phone location, so you can always know where it is. Even if someone steals your phone, they cannot find out about Spyzie on the phone.

Spyzie becomes the perfect location tracker due to its awesome features, stealth design, and no jailbreak or root requirement. Sign up for Spyzie today!

Location Tracking Without Root or Jailbreak

There are a few other apps that can track a phone location secretly. However, all of them ask you to root or jailbreak the target phone. Yet, Spyzie makes no such demand. It can track any phone location secretly without asking you to root or jailbreak it.

Check Their Live Location Secretly in Real Time

With Spyzie, you can track the location of a phone without the phone owner knowing about it. This is because Spyzie has created its phone monitoring solution to be completely quiet. For iPhones, Spyzie can monitor its location without touching it or installing any app on it. For Android phones, Spyzie has created its location tracker app to be 100% hidden.

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