Geofence Alert

Geofence Alert

Create virtual boundaries for their location, get alerts if they cross it.

Spyzie lets you set forbidden zones and allowed zones in a virtual map for the device's location. If the device enters these zones, you get an alert.

  • You can create as many zones as you like.
  • Spyzie alerts you immediately when they cross it.
  • You can also see the device's movements in real time.

3 Simple Steps to Setup Geofence

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Create a Spyzie account using your email address as the username.

Configure Spyzie.

Follow on-screen instructions to configure Spyzie.

Setup Geofence

Create as many geofences as you like on virtual map.

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Geofence setup is easy as pie

Once you have Spyzie up and running, you do not need any other application or hardware to use it. Spyzie runs from any device through the web browser.

In order to use Spyzie, you just have to login to your Spyzie dashboard. Logging into Spyzie gives you access to the Spyzie dashboard. The geofence feature is present here on the left hand side.

You can set the geofence boundaries on a virtual map. When the device enters the forbidden zone or leaves the allowed zones, you get alerted with the timestamps of the exit and entry.

Geofence Offers Benefits You Never Imagined

While geofencing is an uncommon feature absent in most phone monitors, its benefits are too obvious to miss. For one thing, geofencing is an automated feature and you won't have to spend time staring at the screen.

Parents can not always track the live location of their child because they have to work and take care of other chores. So how do they make sure their kid is safe at school? Geofencing turns out to be helpful in this regard by keeping eyes on their kid even when the parents are busy.

Employers also find this feature to be quite useful. They can set a geofence around their office for their employees. When any employee crosses this geofence during work hours, the employer can know about it.

Rooting or Jailbreaking Not Required

People are reluctant to root or jailbreak a phone as it can damage a phone, ruin it completely, or make it vulnerable to hackers. Therefore, Spyzie is a big relief as it works without asking for root or jailbreak.

Stealth Geofencing

Regardless of which Spyzie feature you use, including the geofence feature, the target user will have no clue about it. While Spyzie sends you alerts every time they cross the geofence, the phone's owner will not find out

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