Monitor Installed Apps

Monitor Installed Apps

Check the apps installed on their phones and set any app as restricted.

View Their App List, Including Hidden Apps.

  • You can monitor their access to these applications and block access as well.
  • If they have installed any hidden apps on their phone, view it with Spyzie.
  • Get alerted whenever they install a new application or uninstall an old one.

3 Simple Steps for Monitoring Installed Apps

Create a Spyzie Account

Sign up for Spyzie completely free using your email.

Configure Spyzie

Spyzie's auto setup wizard will guide you through the configuration process.

Check Installed Apps

Find information on how well certain apps are being used at a given time.

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Start Monitoring Installed Apps

People keep their phones locked, so you never know what they might be hiding behind that lock screen. However, with Spyzie you can finally have the answer to it. Spyzie shows you all the things they have installed on their phone and how much they use each of them.

Once you setup Spyzie, you can access your Spyzie dashboard. The Application Monitor feature is present on the left hand side of the dashboard. You can find all of the installed apps details here.

Spyzie shows you the apps they visited recently, the apps they have visited the most, and all the other apps as well. You can sort through the apps in any way you like.

Block Access to Harmful Apps

There are a lot of harmful apps on their phone. In fact, some apps can even steal the private data of the user. Spyzie's application monitor can give the peace of mind that the user is safe from these apps. If you detect any harmful app, you can block it using Spyzie.

Adults can understand if something is harmful for them and block it immediately. However, children are innocent and lack that distinction between right and wrong. Therefore, they need you to protect them, even if they do not say so. Spyzie gives you the power to protect them through the Application Monitor.

Application monitor is not just useful for protecting loved ones, but also for professional purposes as well. Employers use the application monitor to make sure their employees have not installed any harmful apps on their phone. Some employers also restrict access to social media apps during work hours, in order to boost employees' productivity.

Using Spyzie is easy and simple, all you have to do is spend a few minutes for setting it up and you are good for the future. Try it now and enjoy its perks!

Rooting or Jailbreaking Not Required

Spyzie gives you all this power and more over someone's phone without asking you to root or jailbreak it. This is made possible by the next-gen technology used in Spyzie's design, which is hard to find in any other application.

100% Hidden Application Monitoring

No matter what you monitor using Spyzie, the target user will never find out about it. This is made possible by the stealth design that Spyzie uses. You can even restrict their access to any installed app without them learning about it.

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