Monitor Contacts List

Monitor Contacts List

With Spyzie, you not only get the contact list of the person but also added data for every contact. You can learn about the email address, address, display picture, and more with the phonebook monitoring feature.

Learn Contact Info of Suspicious Call Log Entries.

  • See the contacts marked as favorites
  • Check additional data for every contact
  • See the person's picture if it is saved

3 Simple Steps to View Phonebook Entries

Sign Up

Register for Spyzie using your email address.


Follow the on-screen instructions to set up Spyzie


Access your dashboard and monitor their phonebook.

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Remote Phonebook Access

Once you have a Spyzie account, you get access to your personalized dashboard where all its features are available. Select the 'Contacts' option to view their entire phonebook along with details.

The Contacts page will show you ten entries per page, though you can change this number if you wish. Additionally, each contact entry comes with other additional details that are linked to the contact.

If you want to see the detailed information linked to the contact, you just have to click on it. Clicking on the contact will show you their email address, display picture, house and office address, alternative phone numbers, and more.

Find who they talk to

Spyzie now tells you about the people the target phone is in contact with. A lot of parents wonder 'Who does my child hang out with?' Spyzie has answered this question by its phonebook monitor feature.

The benefit is not just limited to parents. Even employers take full benefit of this feature by keeping a check on their employees. If an employee has a competitor's phone number saved on their phone, the employer has an idea of what to expect from the employee.

The best part is that anyone can use Spyzie without requiring any technical knowledge. After a first time setup, that too for five minutes, Spyzie can run instantly in any web browser.

Root or Jailbreak Not Required

When you are using other alternative phonebook monitoring apps, it is necessary to root or jailbreak the target device. However, Spyzie makes no such requirement as it can work without rooting or jailbreaking the phone..


Additionally, Spyzie also makes sure that you never get caught while monitoring someone's phonebook entries. For iPhones, Spyzie can show you their phonebook without installing any app on the target iPhone. For target Android phones, while app installation is mandatory, Spyzie's Android app always runs in the background only.

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